Teaching Skills

Program Overview

TEACH training program has been designed to suit an actual need in the education sector. The program has brought together four key topics (must-have skills) that every teacher/educator needs to manage his/her classroom effectively and more efficiently. TEACH starts with class preparation, and learners’ multiple intelligences and learning styles. Then the program covers class management techniques and strategies, and finally ends with the learning skills in the 21st century, as well as, teachers’ skills that each teacher must possess/develop.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this training program, participants will be able::

  • To prepare for their classes more purposefully, effectively and efficiently.
  • To define the type(s) of intelligences their learners possess, and then define use a learning style(s) that suit their learners.
  • To better and more effectively manage their classrooms by employing proper strategies.
  • To focus on the core learning skills in the 21st century, and teachers’ skills that they must possess to enhance learning.


  • Unit One: Preparation for the class.
  • Unit Two: Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles.
  • Unit Three: Class Management Techniques.
  • Unit Four: Learning Skills in the 21st Century.

Targeted Audience

  • Teachers and Educators
  • Supervisors
  • School Principals

Training Duration

  • Full Program (Recommended): 20 Hours over 5 days (Total): 4 hours a day.
  • Full Program (Optional): 21 Hours over 3 days (Total): 7 hours a day (Workshop Style).

Training Method

  • In class, face-to-face, instructor-led.


  • No prerequisites.

Exam Methodology

  • One Hour, Multiple Choice Exam.
  • Passing Score is 70%.

Available Languages

  • Arabic language.
  • Other languages can be made available upon request.

Certificates Issuance/Verification

  • Ebsilon for Education and Training Development.
  • Each certificate will be registered with a unique global verification number at the international portal for certificates verification – CertVeri.