Personal Health and Safety Skills

Program Overview

Personal Health and Safety Skills program was developed to promote personal health and safety awareness among all people. The program combines topics like health awareness and promotion, common diseases prevention and control, healthy nutrition, safety at work and home, and first aids, all, UNDER ONE ROOF. PHS2 is aimed to improve the quality of people’s lives from health and safety perspectives.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this training program, a participant should be able:

  • To increase their level of awareness about personal health promotion.
  • To identify common diseases and ways of prevention and control.
  • To understand proper methods for selecting suitable food.
  • To contribute to safer environments at work and home.
  • To learn correct first aids procedures.


  • Unit One: Introduction to health promotion.
  • Unit Two: Introduction to common diseases and ways of prevention.
  • Unit Three: Introduction to Healthy Nutrition.
  • Unit Four: Introduction to safety at work and home.
  • Unit Five: Introduction to First Aids.

Targeted Audience

  • Any individual, organization or society seeks to increase their level of awareness in health, nutrition and safety, in order to live healthier and safer.

Training Duration

  • Full Program: 30 Hours over 10 days.

Training Method

  • In class, face-to-face, instructor-led.


  • No prerequisites.

Exam Methodology

  • One Hour, Multiple Choice Exam.
  • Passing Score is 70%.

Available Language

  • Arabic language.
  • Other languages can be made available upon request.

Certificates Issuance/Verification

  • Ebsilon for Education and Training Development.
  • Certificates will be registered with a unique global verification number at the international portal for certificates verification – CertVeri.