Learning Disabilities Identification Program

Program Overview

LDIP training program has been designed to suit an actual need in the education sector, with the focus on the skills for including learners with learning disabilities, in regular classrooms. The program, through its four parts, helps teachers: 1) to know better and understand the concepts of learning disabilities; 2) know the casual factors of learning disabilities; 3) identify and discover learners with learning disabilities; and finally, 4) apply inclusive education and differentiated instruction strategies.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this training program, a participant should be able:

  • To introduce participants (teachers) learning disabilities concepts.
  • To introduce participants (teachers) to the casual factors of learning disabilities.
  • To introduce participants (teachers) to the criteria that helps them identify learners with learning disabilities.
  • To introduce participants (teachers) to inclusion strategies and differentiated instruction.


  • Unit One: Basic concepts in Learning Disabilities.
  • Unit Two: Causal Factors of Learning Disabilities.
  • Unit Three: Discovering Learners with Learning Disabilities.
  • Unit Four: Inclusion Strategies & Differentiated Instruction.

Targeted Audience

  • Teachers and Educators.
  • Supervisors.
  • School Principals.
  • Any person who is looking to excel as an education professional.

Training Duration

  • Full Program: 16 Hours: 4 days / 4 hours a day.

Training Method

  • In class, face-to-face, instructor-led.


  • No prerequisites.

Exam Methodology

  • One Hour, Multiple Choice Exam.
  • Passing Score is 70%.

Available Languages

  • Arabic language.
  • Other languages can be made available upon request.

Certificates Issuance/Verification

  • Ebsilon for Education and Training Development.
  • Each certificate will be registered with a unique global verification number at the international portal for certificates verification – CertVeri.