Interpersonal and Occupational

Program Overview

Interpersonal and Occupational Skills program has been designed to suit the actual needs in Soft Skills for individuals and businesses. The program has brought together core skills that were imperatively required by employers and employees, at the same time. The program starts with self-awareness and time management skills, then communications and strategic planning skills, and ends up with creative thinking and projects management basic skills. IOS benefits and learning outcomes are invaluable.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this training program, a participant should be able:

  • To know and manage themselves more realistically, develop positive thinking and stress management strategies.
  • To utilize time in a strategic fashion and incorporate that with clear visions and objectives.
  • To learn effective communications’ techniques and improve relationships with others.
  • To start structuring strategic plans and learn how to make informative decisions.
  • To use and practice several effective problem-solving techniques by using creative thinking methods.
  • To learn project management basics and plan their projects and monitor them effectively.


  • Unit One: Self-Awareness and Management (including positive thinking and stress management).
  • Unit Two: Strategic Time Management.
  • Unit Three: Effective Communications.
  • Unit Four: Strategic Planning and Decision Making.
  • Unit Five: Problem Solving and Creative Thinking.
  • Unit Six: Project Management Basics.

Targeted Audience

  • Any person with interest to develop his/her basic but essential Soft Skills.
  • Organizations plan to increase performance and decrease obstacles that hinder performance improvement.

Training Duration

  • Full Program: 30 Hours over 10 days.

Training Method

  • In class, face-to-face, instructor-led.


  • No prerequisites.

Exam Methodology

  • One Hour, Multiple Choice Exam.
  • Passing Score is 70%.

Available Languages

  • Arabic language.
  • Other languages can be made available upon request.

Certificates Issuance/Verification

  • Ebsilon for Education and Training Development.
  • Certificates will be registered with a unique global verification number at the international portal for certificates verification – CertVeri.