Learning Disabilities Identification Program – LDIP   

LDIP training program has been designed to suit an actual need in the education sector, with the focus on the skills for including learners with learning disabilities, in regular classrooms. The program, through its four parts, helps teachers: 1) to know better and understand the concepts of learning disabilities; 2) know the casual factors of learning disabilities; 3) identify and discover learners with learning disabilities; and finally, 4) apply inclusive education and differentiated instruction strategies.


TEACH training program has been designed to suit an actual need in the education sector. The program has brought together four key topics (must-have skills) that every teacher/educator needs to manage his/her classroom effectively and more efficiently. TEACH starts with class preparation, and learners’ multiple intelligences and learning styles. Then the program covers class management techniques and strategies, and finally ends with the learning skills in the 21st century, as well as, teachers’ skills that each teacher must possess/develop.

Interpersonal and Occupational Skills - IOS

Interpersonal and Occupational Skills program has been designed to suit the actual needs in Soft Skills for individuals and businesses. The program has brought together core skills that were imperatively required by employers and employees, at the same time. The program starts with self-awareness and time management skills, then communications and strategic planning skills, and ends up with creative thinking and projects management basic skills. IOS benefits and learning outcomes are invaluable.

Information Technologies Essentials Certificate - ITEC

Information Technologies Essentials Certificate program focuses on helping individuals acquire basic computer skills. The program has two levels: Basic and Specialist. The Basic Level (BL) introduces participants to Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Word 2010, and the Internet. The Specialist Level (SL) introduces participants to Microsoft Excel 2010, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, in two separate programs.

Personal Health & Safety Skills - PHS2

Personal Health and Safety Skills program was developed to promote personal health and safety awareness among all people. The program combines topics like health awareness and promotion, common diseases prevention and control, healthy nutrition, safety at work and home, and first aids, all, UNDER ONE ROOF. PHS2 is aimed to improve the quality of people’s lives from health and safety perspectives.