Interactive Class Management

Interactive Class Management

The need for this project was derived based on the mandate of improving class management skills for teachers in crisis areas. The focus was extended to enable teachers to provide the necessary first level aid and social support to students who suffer from severe social and/or emotional conditions. The complete training package served as an integrated tool (combined skills) that teachers can use to enhance the level of inclusion and engagement of students, in the learning and teaching process.

Project Scope of Work

Improving interactive class management skills for 250 teachers from different schools. The teachers also were trained on psychological first aid and psycho-social support, to help them manage students with traumatic effects and provide them with required first-level aid and social support.

Project Duration

  • Initiating and planning: 2 weeks.
  • Executing: 5 weeks.
  • Monitoring and evaluating: 6 weeks.
  • Closing & Reporting: 2 days.

Project Description

The project main focus was on developing and honing class management skills of the teachers, and provide them with the necessary knowledge and experience to benefit their students and community. the teachers were trained on:

  • Interactive Class Management strategies – ICM;
  • Psychological First Aid – PFA; and
  • Psycho-Social Support – PSS.

Project Deliverable/Outputs/Activities

  • Delivering TOT training to qualify selected the trainers who trained the teachers.
  • Delivering training on ICM, PFA and PSS for teachers.
  • Pre- and Post-Training Evaluation.

Project Key Stakeholders

  • Bahar Organization
  • Ebsilon for Education and Training Development
  • Others

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