Inclusive Education & Differentiated Instruction

Inclusive Education & Differentiated Instruction

The need for these workshops were derived based on the actual developmental needs and continuous efforts from Al-Ra’ed l-Arabi School to advance teachers’ skills at the school, from different educational levels. The purpose of those serial workshops was to enable the teachers to apply contemporary and sate-of-the-art differentiated instruction strategies to further enhance educational outcomes. workshops provided practical educational tools and techniques in a integrated fashion to include all students in a high-leveled education, regardless of their levels.

Project Scope of Work

Advancing differentiation techniques of educational process, evaluation and educational content. The teachers were trained on a number of group learning and participation strategies, to help them lead and facilitate class periods for all students with different levels.


  • Initiating, planning and preparation: 2 weeks.
  • Executing: 4 Days over 4 weeks.
  • Monitoring and evaluating: 4 Days over weeks.
  • Post Evaluation, closing & final reporting: 1 week.

Workshop Description

The workshop main focus was on developing and honing differentiation strategies for the school teachers, and provide them with the necessary educational tools and techniques, and methods of practical application of those strategies. Teachers were trained on:

  • Inclusive Education;
  • Differentiated Instruction; and
  • Introduction to learning disabilities Identification Program – LDIP.

Project Deliverable/Outputs/Activities

  • Inclusive Education & Differentiated Instruction strategies.
  • Methods of identification of students with learning disabilities.
  • Pre- and Post-workshop evaluation.

Project Key Stakeholders

  • Al-Ra’ed Al-Arabi School
  • Dr. Karam Siam [Learning Disabilities Consultant and a Certified Screener]
  • Ebsilon for Education and Training Development

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