Educational Leadership & Teachers Training

The purpose of launching this project was to enhance the capacity of the selected teachers (from different subjects) and schools’ leaders and enable them to perform at their respective schools with their respective students at the best level of performance. To do that, Teaching Skills (TEACH) program was the main training curricula for teachers, and a bespoke Educational Leadership workshop was designed to fulfill the development of the principals and their assistants.

Project Scope of Work

Building teaching capacity for 254 teachers from different subjects. In addition to that, build and develop the leadership capacity and skills of 36 school principals and (their assistants).

Project Duration

  • Initiating and planning: 2 weeks.
  • Executing: 7 days.
  • Monitoring and evaluating: 21 days.
  • Closing: 2 days.

Project Description

The first part of the project aimed to help a number of selected schools to boost education levels to the best they can. To do that, the was initiated with the main focus on building and developing teachers’ capacity and skills for, effectively and more efficiently, running the whole teaching process before, within and after the classrooms. Teachers were, practically, trained:

  • on proper lesson’s plan preparation (setting goals, selecting the strategies and tools to achieve the set goals and to evaluate and assess the outcome);
  • on the identification of students’ multiple intelligences and learning styles;
  • on the selection of suitable classroom management strategies;
  • on self-assessment and realization & the 21st century skills; and
  • on how to apply teaching methods for resilience in the environments of crisis.

The second part of the project aimed to develop and boost leadership capacity of school principals and their assistants. Schools’ leaders were, practically, trained:

  • on how to realize and appreciate leadership skills at schools;
  • on how set their strategic plans for leading their schools; and
  • on how to establish an educational leadership system and develop future leaders.

Project Deliverable/Outputs/Activities

  • Delivering TOT training to qualify selected teachers as TEACH trainers.
  • Delivering training on Teaching Skills (TEACH), for teachers.
  • Delivering training on Educational leadership for schools’ principals and their assistants.

Project Key Stakeholders

  • Ache noVa
  • Bonyan Organization
  • Ebsilon for Education and Training Development
  • Others

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