Employment-Centered Personal Development

This project aimed to help targeted beneficiaries (youth between 18-35 of age) improve their personal and career development skills. The main purpose was to turn them from unemployment to employment status. At the same time, help employers and businesses [...]

Education at All Times

This project aimed to help the selected teachers to upskill and uplift their skills and knowledge in school education in order to sustain the development of students by maintaining the continuity of learning at all times, especially, at those [...]

Inclusive Education & Differentiated Instruction

The need for these workshops were derived based on the actual developmental needs and continuous efforts from Al-Ra’ed l-Arabi School to advance teachers’ skills at the school, from different educational levels. The purpose of those serial workshops was to [...]

Interactive Class Management

The need for this project was derived based on the mandate of improving class management skills for teachers in crisis areas. The focus was extended to enable teachers to provide the necessary first level aid and social support to [...]

Educational Leadership & Teachers Training

The purpose of launching this project was to enhance the capacity of the selected teachers (from different subjects) and schools’ leaders and enable them to perform at their respective schools with their respective students at the best level of [...]

Teachers’ Skills-Development Training

This project aimed to help the selected teachers (from different subjects) to teach using contemporary and up-to-date teaching strategies and methods. Teaching Skills (TEACH) program was selected to train teachers on skills like lesson’s plan preparation, multiple intelligences & [...]

Youth Empowerment & Capacity Building

The project aimed to help young females (18-24 years age) build their capacities and Soft Skills and prepare them for work. The selected young females were trained on Soft Skills, using the Interpersonal and Occupational Skills Program, on IT [...]